Monday, April 14, 2014

Detroit Business Consulting's Sales Team Launches New Campaign

 Detroit Business Consulting will be launching a new campaign next Monday at our office in Troy, Michigan! We sent part of our team to New York City this week to train on the new sales and marketing campaign.  Currently, our sales and marketing team works with Comcast Business Class, and our Nonprofit Department works on behalf of Children International.  This new campaign will require new marketing strategies on our end, since it utilizes wireless services through governmental programs.

This is the first time Detroit Business Consulting has done work involving a governmental program.  The past twelve months have been times of expansion for our privately owned marketing firm.  The first six years in business, we only did work on behalf of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.  Since April of last year, we have been able to retain our larger firms, add a nonprofit client, as well as this new client that we are launching on the 21st!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Detroit Business Consulting Promotes Christian Swanson to Assistant Management

We promoted our first assistant manager in our nonprofit division yesterday at Detroit Business Consulting! Christian Swanson was one of the original team members that helped pioneer this campaign in April of last year.  The campaign has grown exponentially since we launched it ten months ago.  In total, our office has been able to sponsor over 2,800 children around the world that live in poverty.  This is only the beginning of the nonprofit work we are getting involved with as a company.  Christian will develop into a management position with our company and continue to grow the charity division with us.

Christian's success can be attributed to a combination of leadership and work ethic.  Originally starting on a sales and marketing campaign with Detroit Business Consulting, Christian learned the basics of the business and how to work with customers.  After spending two weeks in New York City learning about Children International, Christian came back to Michigan and helped launch the campaign here.  Christian has been a strong example of leadership in the office, he has become an excellent trainer, and is known for his dependability.  We are proud of his accomplishments thus far and are very excited to see his next step with our company!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Detroit Business Consulting Supports Toys for Tots

Detroit Business Consulting is in the Christmas spirit!  The Christmas tree is up in the lobby, decorations are hung, and we did our first charity donation of the season.  The Michigan State Police have teamed up with Toys for Tots to "Stuff a Blue Goose".  The police department is helping to promote donations for Toys for Tots and when donors purchase toys, they stuff them into the blue police cars designated for the charitable giving.  Detroit Business Consulting CEO Michael Rosenberg commented that the police car was so full, they literally had to "stuff" their toys inside.

Let the season of giving begin!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Detroit Business Consulting Celebrates 6 Year Anniversary!

Detroit Business Consulting will be celebrating its 6 year anniversary on October 27th!  Six years ago, the president of DBC, Michael Rosenberg, opened his sales and marketing firm, representing one Fortune 100 company.  Since then, Michael Rosenberg has been contracted with eight major clients and expanded his company's portfolio to include a charity division.  Throughout the years, he has received numerous awards and nominations both personally and professionally, including Promoting Owner of the Year, a Power 30 Under 30 Nomination, and his company was named a Top Workplace in Metro Detroit in 2011 and 2012.

When asked what he is most excited about for the upcoming year, Michael elaborated on the growth that is on track for the charity campaign with Children International and Comcast Business Class.  "These are two major clients that we have built a strong partnership with," Michael explained.  "The charity division allows us to make a difference with our work on an international level on a daily basis, and provide a business opportunity with growth for the team we have working at our Troy office."  Michael also spoke positively about the team of people working at Detroit Business Consulting and the growth he sees for them in 2014.  "We have international expansions happening, especially with the Australia market that just opened, and we are going to capitalize on these business opportunities."

The team at Detroit Business Consulting will be celebrating the 6 year mark on Monday night at Hamlin Corner in Royal Oak.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Detroit Business Consulting Attend Notre Dame v. Michigan State Football Game

Detroit Business Consulting is wrapping up a two week competition for tickets to attend the Notre Dame and Michigan State game in South Bend this Saturday.  Two account managers will earn their tickets to the game with owner, Michael Rosenberg.  The winners will be heading out on Friday evening and return on Sunday.  Our client, Comcast Business Class, will be in attendance at the game as well!

Office competitions are a common theme for our team at Detroit Business Consulting.  Our most recent competitions included tickets to the Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert, golf outings with Michael, the management team was treated to a trip to New York City, and tickets to a Tigers game.  These competitions promote healthy competition and serve as an added bonus to people who are excelling!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Detroit Business Consulting Promotes Kyle Norman to Assistant Management

Detroit Business Consulting celebrated a special promotion last week; Kyle Norman was promoted to assistant management!  Kyle excelled in the sales and marketing from day one at Detroit Business Consulting.  He joined the team with sales experience and a competitive drive that was formed through his sports background. Kyle was able to redirect that competitiveness in a healthy way to his work and saw consistent results.

In order the achieve this promotion, Kyle had to prove that he could excel in the sales and marketing, but also in training others.  To be a true leader, one has to be able to pass knowledge on to others, and that is one of Kyle's biggest strengths.  Working on the Comcast Business campaign, Kyle is known for being the go-to guy if anyone has a question about product knowledge, promotions or a technical question.

.  In his promotion speech, Kyle explained that it's imperative to know where you are going and what you are going to accomplish. He advised to work harder every single day than you did the previous day because if you're working towards a goal, it only makes sense to get there faster rather than slower. This was Kyle's second promotion within the company, and we are sure there will be many more to come. We are looking forward to that!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Detroit Business Consulting Attends National Conference in Philadelphia

Detroit Business Consulting was in Philadelphia this past weekend for a national conference to recognize individuals for their performance and success over the past year.  Our company took over thirty individuals from our Troy office to Philadelphia for the weekend.  The conference was in Kimmel Hall in the Verizon Center, and it was decorated like a red carpet awards ceremony!

The conference included speakers from Australia, the UK, South Africa and Canada.  There were also representatives there from Spain and several European countries. Each of these individuals has been extremely successful entrepreneurs and they shared their stories and advice with everyone there.

Several awards were also distributed during the conference.  Our office took home seven awards! Brian Olley received an award that recognized the growth and improvement he has had since joining our company.  Christian Swanson, Nicole Lysak, Jessica Hoopfer, Aaron Redmond and Kyle Norman all received awards to recognize their leadership skills, sales ability, and coaching talent.  Elizabeth Reichert also took home an award for Administrator of the Year.  It was an amazing conference and it seems that everyone came back with a renewed perspective on business and what their goals are.

As always, we are excited for the next one!